Tired of searching for deals, you find no where? Exhausted of draining your bank account on vacations? 2 Billion people in the world, overpay for vacations $4 Trillion per year is overspent on travel The average family overspends $8,500 per year Would you like to know of a better way?

We believe in doing things a better way
Allow us to share with you how
We would love to make an impact in your life too

Live the Five Diamond Club experience

Travel more

Travel better

Save money

Five Diamond Club is helping people & businesses
with unique solutions, to experience luxury vacations

Tired of draining your bank account to go on vacation?

We can help you go on luxury vacations affordably

Since 1998, we have been helping people like yourself, around the world, go on luxury vacations through our pre-negotiated exclusive rates with resorts, hotels, cruises and other vacation providers worldwide. Say goodbye to high service fees, commissions, and large profit margins that you are paying through online travel agencies and sites, timeshares, travel clubs, and other travel companies.

Join the most affordable lifestyle subscription in travel that is disrupting the travel industry as we know it today. 

"Thanks to Five Diamond Club being so affordable, I was able to buy my own subscription as a student & fast-food worker at age 18, and have been able to go to cruises and luxury resorts, that I thought I would never be able to afford around the world."

I grew up having Five Diamond Club in my life through my parents, and now at age 18, to be able to experience the world with my own Five Diamond Club subscription has been amazing.  If I can afford the subscription and to travel to as many luxury resorts and places around the world, as a high school senior student and fast-food worker, anyone can.  I recommend you don’t think about it, and just sign up, you can’t go wrong with Five Diamond Club.

-Adlemi D., Dallas, Texas

Employee at Chick-Fil-A Lake Highlands

Been dreaming about going on exotic vacations?

We can help you go with guaranteed 81% savings.

Did you ever wonder how airline employees and travel agents can afford to go to exotic vacations?

After 20 years of being exclusive to U. S.-based legacy airline employees from 1998 to 2018, we have now made this exclusive benefit available to the public, worldwide.

If you would like to have unlimited access to 81% guaranteed savings, by paying taxes and fees only, at select top luxury vacation estates, residences, private residence clubs and resorts with complimentary confirmed flights included in your subscription, then join now as a Luxury Lifestyle subscriber.  Your concierge will take care of all of your travel arrangements, so you just sit back, relax and enjoy.

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Would you like all-expense included vacations to not worry about additional fees?

VIP Premium is the Solution

With Five Diamond Club VIP Premium you invest once and you have all your vacation expenses included.  You just have your personal concierge take care of all your travel arrangements.  So you just pack your bags and go on your care-free, stress-free vacations around the world.

Tired of your every-day boring & stressful routine?

Start Living the Dream now,
on Vacation Permanently

Imagine being able to live at resorts, cruises, yachts and residences around the world with not having to worry about any expenses.  Living a care-free, stress-free life is a wonderful way of living that will allow you to live longer, healthier and happier.  We help people live permanently on vacation by investing once, rather than having a fixed address that can be boredom and expensive.  You don’t have to be a retiree to enjoy this lifestyle, you can live in a resort destination area, work virtually or have an online business. 


“Trust me, from my own experience, you will love this way of living,”

-Mike D., Fort Worth, Texas

Retired Teacher from Fort Worth ISD

We help Business Owners & Companies increase

Customer and Employee Loyalty

Is advertising & marketing too expensive?

We will help you Explode your Leads & Sales

Without ever having to spend any money on advertising and marketing, we can help you scale your business and thrive.


We will allow you to give away Complimentary Vacations (excluding taxes and fees) to all of your prospective customers and clients to incentivize them to buy your products or services and create loyalty.

These vacations will not cost you anything, this benefit is already included in your low-cost subscription.

We also give you the ability to give away Unlimited Complimentary Restaurant Incentive Vouchers (excluding nominal activation fee), this will help you incentivize prospective clients to book appointments with you to learn about what you have to offer them.


Your clients will be so thankful, and they will remain your customer for life.  This unique concept is helping business owners, sales professionals and companies around the world increase their revenue and profits. 


Join as a business subscriber, and get access to networking events and other valuable resources to help scale your business and thrive. 


We also help non-profits increase their donations with the same incentives.

Are you tired of your employees not being productive, having low morale & resigning?

We can help your company solve this problem

Five Diamond Club helps employers increase their employee loyalty and retention, and therefore reduce Human Resources, Training and Development costs significantly, as well as increase employee morale, productivity, efficiency and effectiveness that help increase revenue and profits.  

Show your staff that you care about them, by taking care of their health, lifestyle and pocket-book through our amazing Employee Benefits and Incentives Program and our Executive Benefits and Incentives program. 


Your employees will love working for you, and they will never want to leave to your competition. 


They will have access to lifestyle subscriber benefits.

Are you looking to join our team?

At Five Diamond we are always seeking individuals from around the world that have a passion for helping others.  If you would like to join our team we several opportunities for you to consider.  Learn how you can help other create memories that they will cherish forever and start impacting the lives of many one-at-a-time.

Five Diamond Club - About, Del Toro family
Five Diamond Club - Jennifer H. testimonial

"Thanks to amazing deals, I've been able to stay in several luxurious resorts."

I am a proud and loyal subscriber of Five Diamond Club. I always have the best and most convenient vacations as a subscriber. Cancún is always my go-to place as it has amazing weather, beautiful beaches, great places to visit, and the best tourism. Thanks to amazing deals from my Five Diamond Club subscription, I have been able to stay in several luxurious resorts with the best service, pools, beach access and many other activities to enjoy. I can go on and on about my experience and satisfaction. I definitely recommend becoming a Five Diamond Club subscriber. You will have no regrets!

Jennifer H., McAllen, Texas

Cashier at Jack-in-the-Box

Five Diamond Club - Gina W. testimonial 1
Five Diamond Club - Gina W. testimonial 2

"Our kids will always remember our vacation."

As a family of 6, it can become costly or hard to accommodate us at a vacation spot. A couple of years ago, we purchased Five Diamond Club because we vacation every year and take anniversary trips as well.

We used our subscription to go to Cancún for our 10-year anniversary in 2019. We had an amazing view and it was wonderful.

The next year, we went back with our children. We got a 2 bedroom suite with an ocean view and my children were ecstatic!

Joining Five Diamond Club was one of the best investments we could have made. Our kids will always remember our vacation. This makes vacationing more possible than before. We look forward to taking more trips!

Gina W., Dallas, Texas

Representative at TXU Energy

Travel can be expensive
(and it can be even more expensive to take a luxury vacation)

We’ve all been there: You want to take a fun, exotic vacation and have an experience you’ll be talking about for years to come. But if you’re like most people, your dream vacations don’t turn out as dreamy as you want them to be.

You shouldn’t have to pay an arm and a leg for the vacations of your dreams.

Subscription Pays for Itself

Turn savings into travel

Through the significant savings on vacations, typically our subscribers have their return on investment within the first two or three vacation reservations.

Earn reward credits

To start out, you will receive $250 in rewards then, every time you reserve, you gain reward credits that can be used as virtual cash for future reservations.

Earn referral rewards

Refer your friends and family; you will receive referral rewards and they will receive a complimentary vacation (excluding taxes and fees) for subscribing.

Receive Vacations

You receive complimentary vacations (excluding taxes and fees).

Earn restaurant cards

Through our cash-back restaurant gift card program, you receive 100% or more of your subscription back as restaurant gift cards valid at over 20,000+ restaurants across the US!

At Five Diamond Club, we are on a personal mission
to help everyone afford luxury resort vacations.

As a family that loves to travel, we know first-hand that it can be expensive and sometimes cost-prohibitive. We used our experience in the travel industry to obtain pre-negotiated hotel, resort, and cruise rates unavailable to the general public.

What started as a benefit only to airline and government employees is now available to you! 


We guarantee that you will not find a better way to vacation.


The question is, “Where will you travel first?”


As a Texas Christian University alumnus, I give a special membership discount to fellow TCU horned-frogs, faculty, parents and staff.  My fellow airline and travel-industry-professional colleagues may also qualify for a subscription discount.


Other people I give subscription discounts to, as I appreciate their efforts in the community, are veterans, military, law-enforcement, first-responders, educators, government personnel, elected officials, senior citizens, as well as fellow HNP and ACA club members or networkers.

Five Diamond Club - Michael Del Toro - President and CEO

Michael Del Toro
Chairman, President & CEO

The Del Toro family

Michael Del Toro’s family and

Five Diamond Club team, 

Pictured left to right:

Michaelangelo (son), Luxury Lifestyle Specialist

Alessandro Jahaziel López Del Toro (grandson)

Amy (daughter), Operations

Adlemi (daughter), Lifestyle Benefits & Sales

Michael Del Toro, President and CEO

Imelda (wife), Spanish Sales Director

Jessica (daughter), Business Subscriptions

Five Diamond Club - Michael Del Toro, American Airlines

Michael Del Toro, BBA

Co-Founder & Creator of Five Diamond Club

Travel Agent, 1990-1997

American Airlines Manager, 1997-2001

CruiseOne Specialist, 1998-2001

FBI Contract Monitor, 2001 

Hertz Car Rental Manager, 2003

Educator & Administrator, 2003-2016

CEO of Five Diamond Club, 1998 – Present


Laura Del Toro, Co-Founder

Five Diamond Club Director, 1998-Present

CruiseOne Franchisee, 1998-2001

Travel Agencies Co-Owner, 1983-1997

Owner of Businesses, 1970-1983

Retired Educator, 1969


Alejandro Del Toro, Co-Founder (RIP)

Five Diamond Club Director, 1998-2012

Cruise Planners Franchisee, 2010-2012

CruiseOne Franchisee, 1998-2001

Travel Agencies Co-Owner, 1983-1997

Owner of Businesses, 1970-1983

Retired Civil Engineer, 1969


We bring over 100 years of experience to you.

Five Diamond Club was created by our CEO, Michael Del Toro, and with the support of his parents, Alejandro & Laura Del Toro, it became a reality, a legacy that the world can now enjoy.

How It Works

1. Watch Info Videos

We recommend you watch the info videos. If you'd like to learn more about what being a subscriber is like.

If you have questions, we invite you to book a free consultation with us. You'll also receive a Complimentary $200 USD Restaurant Incentives Voucher (excludes 8% activation fee) just for participating in our informational Zoom.

2. Join the Club

Choose the Five Diamond Club subscription that mostly benefits you and that fits your budget.

If you feel you are wanting or needing more benefits, you may upgrade.

3. Travel and Save!

Once you join, you gain access to your subscriber portal, where you can log in and explore all savings and exclusive subscriber-only offers. As long as you're a subscriber, you have access to all current and future lifestyle & travel benefits!

Five Diamond Club - Dora T. testimonial 1
Five Diamond Club - Dora T. testimonial 2

"Thanks to our subscription, our Hawaii vacation was quite affordable!"

If you’re looking for a memorable vacation that you’ll talk about for years to come, visit with Michael Del Toro at Five Diamond Club!

The accommodations Michael helped us select for our vacation in Hawaii were more than ideal! The hotel was not only beautiful and clean, it was within walking distance to almost everything, yet it was far enough to enjoy a quiet and remote environment. The hotel views were amazingly beautiful from our ocean view room. We even had access to order groceries to our room during our stay.

In addition, our hotel helped us with transportation on the island, and since there were 8 of us, they accommodated us with a limo! Something we certainly didn’t expect and our kids and grandkids were elated with the extra service! We enjoyed delightful dinners, the beach, dancing, colorful drinks, snorkeling, zip lining, just to name a few; and thanks to our membership, it was quite affordable too!

Count us as thankful and happy subscribers!

Dora T., Smithville, Texas

Retired Dallas ISD Educator 

What We Are Not

Start Saving, Traveling, and Living More

Affordable luxury vacations are possible. We want to help you get there.

Start Saving, Traveling, and Living More

Affordable luxury vacations are possible. We want to help you get there.

Book a free call to learn more and receive a Complimentary Vacation (excluding taxes and fees) with no pressure to join.