We are a Lifestyle and Vacation Club focused on providing you UNIQUE EXCLUSIVE rates with 65% average savings at resorts, hotels, cruises, car rentals, yachts, tours, excursions, parks, and more, worldwide.

Helping improve your Lifestyle

Looking for a way to earn passive income,
without having to learn a new business?

We make it simple...just refer vacationers, business owners and employers to the website videos;
we do the hard-work, you just do the follow-up and cash-in on generous passive referral fees!

How It Works

1. Join as a
Referral Partner

Choose the best option to partner with Five Diamond Club, as a free referral partner or with one of our committed referral partner options. You may also want to become a brand ambassador influencer!

2. Start referring!

Start with your friends, family, colleagues and people you already have a relationship with. Ask them to view our website video presentation and receive a complimentary 7-night vacation (excluding taxes and fees) whether they join or not. However, if they are ready to sign up have them join with the special discount code you provided them!

3. Follow-up

Follow-up by thanking those that joined, and by asking and answering simple follow up questions to those who have not joined yet, without using high-pressure sales tactics. Keep it professional, don't be pushy.
Receive your referral fees and/or rewards! It's that simple!

We always say...be a product of the product!

Although, we offer the free referral partnership, it will be convenient for you to join as a Lifetime Referral Partner, so that you can create your own testimonies and this will help you believe in what you are referring people to!  You will be able to refer people with confidence and enjoy the amazing benefits and savings on all your aspects of life from luxury vacations to travel-related and entertainment expenses, as well as your eating-out, shopping and services!

The Business subscription will help you scale your efforts of referring people, since you would have the ability to give out incentives such as complimentary vacations and restaurant savings vouchers!  You will also have access to free networking at many events every week, marketing tools and other business or professional services!

Enjoy the power of a stress-free, care-free life with a generous residual income,
made possible by your referral fees!

We are worldwide, so you can refer people from anywhere in the world!