2 Billion People Overpay for Travel Spending 65% more on average $4 Trillion per year is overspent about $8,500 per year per family using popular travel sites or booking directly with resorts, hotels & cruises  Find out if you are one of them! Stop being a travel-industry victim! Please don't be a timeshare victim! Don't settle for any travel club! Want to vacation like a millionaire? Want to look like a hero to your family? Learn about the Best Kept Secret in Travel Become a member today & start saving!
We believe in doing things a better way
We do this to make a difference in people's lives
We want to share with you a way to save money

Five Diamond Club is helping people around the world save an average of 65%
on vacations, luxury resorts, hotels, and cruises worldwide by joining our affordable subscription.

Travel is expensive
(and it's even more expensive to take a luxury vacation)

We’ve all been there: You want to take a fun, exotic vacation and have an experience you’ll be talking about for years to come. But if you’re like most people, your dream vacations don’t turn out as dreamy as you want them to be.

You shouldn’t have to pay an arm and a leg for the vacations of your dreams.

Five Diamond Club allows anyone
to take affordable luxury vacations

Save with Pre-Negotiated Rates

Five Diamond Club has been in business since 1998. We have pre-negotiated rates with resorts and vacation providers around the world at 1990s rates (one-third what you would pay now on average). Say goodbye to high service fees, commissions, and large profit margins.

Best Prices, Guaranteed

We offer a 110% Price-Match Guarantee with all subscriptions. Additionally, we have a 110% Price-Match Guarantee on all resort reservations booked through Five Diamond Club. These are the best rates you’ll find anywhere.

Upgrade your Lifestyle

Five Diamond Club subscribers can travel to luxury resorts, cruises and other vacation styles very affordably with exclusive subscriber-only rates as many times as they’d like, as well as receive complimentary vacations (excluding taxes and fees).

Subscription Pays for Itself

Turn savings into travel

Through the average 65% savings on vacations, typically our subscribers have their return on investment within the first two or three vacation reservations.

Earn reward credits

To start out, you will receive $250 in rewards then, every time you reserve, you gain reward credits that can be used as virtual cash for future reservations.

Earn referral rewards

Refer your friends and family; you will receive referral rewards and they will receive a complimentary vacation (excluding taxes and fees) for subscribing.

Earn trips

You receive complimentary vacations (excluding taxes and fees).

Earn restaurant cards

Through our cash-back restaurant gift card program, you receive 100% or more of your subscription back as restaurant gift cards valid at over 20,000+ restaurants across the US!

"Thanks to amazing deals, I've been able to stay in several luxurious resorts."

I am a proud and loyal member of Five Diamond Club. I always have the best and most convenient vacations as a member. Cancún is always my go-to place as it has amazing weather, beautiful beaches, great places to visit, and the best tourism. Thanks to amazing deals from my Five Diamond Club membership, I have been able to stay in several luxurious resorts with the best service, pools, beach access and many other activities to enjoy. I can go on and on about my experience and satisfaction. I definitely recommend becoming a Five Diamond Club member. You will have no regrets!

Jennifer H., McAllen, TX

Cashier at Jack-in-the-Box

Five Diamond Club - Jennifer H. testimonial

At Five Diamond Club, we are on a personal mission
to help everyone afford luxury resort vacations.

As a family that loves to travel, we know first-hand that it can be expensive and sometimes cost-prohibitive. We used our experience in the travel industry to obtain pre-negotiated hotel, resort, and cruise rates unavailable to the general public.

What started as a benefit only to airline and government employees is now available to you! We guarantee to pass along the at-cost prices of hotels, resorts, and more worldwide so you can take the vacations you’ve always wanted to.

The question is, “Where will you travel first?”

Five Diamond Club - Michael Del Toro - President and CEO

Michael Del Toro
Co-Founder, President & CEO

How It Works

1. Schedule a Private Consultation

If you'd like to learn more about what the lifestyle subscription is like, or have questions, we invite you to schedule a private consultation with us. In appreciation of your time, you will receive a Complimentary 7-Night Vacation (excludes taxes and fees) and a Complimentary $200 USD Restaurant Savings Voucher (excludes 8% activation fee) just for attending a private consultation on Zoom with us.

2. Join the Club

Five Diamond Club's lifestyle subscription entitles you to our pre-negotiated rates and other travel benefits. Joining is quick, easy, and immediate, with no hidden costs or gimmicks.

3. Travel and Save!

Once you subscribe, you gain access to your subscriber portal, where you can log in and explore all savings and exclusive subscriber-only offers. As long as you're a subscriber, you have access to all current and future lifestyle & travel benefits!

How Much Will I Save?

As a Five Diamond Club lifestyle subscriber, you will save an average of 65% on vacations and even everyday & monthly expenses.

Here are just a few examples for you to compare the Regular Public Rates vs. Five Diamond Club Lifestyle Subscriber Rates!

What we are Not

Become a Lifestyle Subscriber
Without Paying High Retail Prices

If you’re reading this, our guess is you’re the kind of person who likes to travel. And not just travel, but travel in style.

The problem is, travel is expensive. It’s even more expensive to vacation to resorts, on cruises, and in luxury hotels. It can be a little depressing to think that you might never get to take the vacation you’ve always wanted, or worrisome when you spend down your savings to do so.

At Five Diamond Club, we believe you (yes, you!) deserve to travel like in style without paying high retail rates. We know how expensive travel can be, and that’s why we’ve leveraged our experience in the industry to pass along savings you won’t find anywhere else. We have real, pre-negotiated rates with resorts, hotels, airlines, and travel vendors worldwide and pass on the full savings to you guaranteed.

Joining is simple and easy. Start by scheduling a private consultation with us to learn how we can help you solve your vacation problems. In appreciation of your time, regardless of whether you join or not, you will receive a Complimentary 7-Night Vacation (excludes taxes and fees) and a Complimentary $200 USD Restaurant Savings Voucher (excluding 8% activation fee) just for scheduling a private a consultation on Zoom with us!

Please don’t be a victim of the travel industry’s corporate giants and their massive retail rates. Join Five Diamond Club today and become a lifestyle subscriber to start enjoying life even more.

Start Saving, Traveling, and Living More

Affordable luxury vacations are possible. We want to help you get there.

Start living the dream and subscribe today.