Are you looking for a lucrative franchise?

We have a duplicatable system, in which you can create a wealthy passive income with low overhead!

As a franchisee, by following our simple system, you will be able to recover your investment within the first few weeks!

How It Works

1. Book a Consultation

We want to make sure you have what it takes to be a Five Diamond Club franchisee, we are looking for leaders all over the world that will commit to making the franchise productive, and not just join for the benefits. That will strive to create a wealthy passive income for themselves and have a personality that matches our company culture. We also want to make sure that you have the knowledge to be successful, the funds to get started, and the funds to keep your lifestyle the first year or two, while you are in the initial stage of the business.

We do not accept, just anybody, so we want to make sure that you are a right fit for Five Diamond Club! We strive for excellence and are proud of our A+ Rating with the Better Business Bureau as well as our Five Star Reviews. If you are a person that will commit to high standards bringing
exceptional service to customers,
then we want to talk to you!

Our CEO, personally interviews each potential franchisee! Please submit an updated résumé to at least 24 hours before your free consultation for our CEO to review.

Any additional information needed from you including a background check will be requested once we both agree to continue the process and a good-faith deposit has been made.

Our CEO wants to make sure that we are bringing franchisees that are ethical, trustworthy, have high-standards when it comes to customer service, have a professional overall image, have a good reputation, have high morale, self-disciplined, self-motivated, have strong leadership skills, have drive, are self-motivated and have hunger to succeed morally! Although a high-school diploma and college degree are helpful, none of these are required. Prior experience is not required either.

We do not disqualify anyone based on educational background, race, ethnicity, languages, ages, gender or discriminate because of your abilities, disabilities, sexual orientation, national origin or anything else prohibited by law.

As long as you meet all the other requirements and you are a good fit for our company culture, you may be extended an invitation to join as a franchisee and, if approved, will be given all of the support for you to be successful!

2. Qualification Process

In order to proceed with the qualification process please click on the above link. You will be required at this time to pay a good-faith non-refundable deposit. Please schedule a follow-up appointment one to two weeks after your first consultation Zoom call.

If for any reason Five Diamond Club does not approve you, you may use the amount as a credit towards any lifetime membership. There are no refunds, even if you choose not to proceed.

To be considered for a franchise, at a later time, the full amount of your membership activation fee will be applied to your franchisee initiation fee.

3. Register & Payment

Once you have been approved you will be required to make the full payment of your initial franchise fee and the first month of the franchising service fee.

You will be given all the tools and training necessary for you to succeed.

Your ongoing franchise service fees will need to made punctually, and you will need to pay the royalty percentage on an ongoing basis for the remainder of the franchise agreement.

You will sign a non-compete contract that is valid for the duration of the franchise agreement, and several years thereafter!

By following our simple system, you will be able to recover your investment by the first year, and then you will start creating a wealthy passive income!

We always a product of the product!

If you are not a subscriber already, we encourage you to purchase the Ultra-Luxury Subscription along with your franchise!  We want you to use your subscription, so that you can create your own testimonies and this will help you believe in Five Diamond Club to represent us well!

You will be able to represent Five Diamond Club with confidence and enjoy the amazing benefits and savings on all your aspects of life from luxury vacations to travel-related and entertainment expenses, as well as your eating-out, shopping and services!

We also recommend you subscribe as a Business Pro to help you scale your business, since you would have the ability to give out incentives such as complimentary vacations and restaurant vouchers!  

You will also have access to a complimentary subscription to The Worldwide Chamber, free networking at many events every week, marketing tools and other business or professional services!

Enjoy the power of a stress-free, care-free life with a generous residual income,
made possible by your Franchise!

We are worldwide, so you can enroll people and companies from anywhere in the world, unlike many franchises, you will not have any territorial boundaries!  So the whole world is yours, and for other fellow franchisees!  

There will only be a limited amount of franchises sold, so do not miss out on this amazing opportunity.