Looking for a way to get free trips, tours, shows or cash on your next vacations?

Although Five Diamond Club does NOT sell timeshare,
We can help you get the most gifts possible for attending timeshare presentations around the world!

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We have relationships with timeshare, vacation ownership, fractional ownership and full-time ownership properties around the world, that are willing to give you exciting free or discounted vacations, tours, shows, attractions, theme park admission tickets and even cash gifts or gift cards you can use anywhere!


This is a nice way to recover your money from your vacation or even earn money for all your extras!

How It Works

1. Register for Free, & Book your property preview(s)

You fill-out the simple registration form and receive a welcome email with your free member portal to Five Diamond Club.

There you will be able to reserve your property preview(s) in the destination of your choice, and you select the gift(s) you are open to receiving.

You will be emailed the invitation and contacted by the representative that will be picking you up.

2. You take the preview(s)

You attend the 90- to 120- minute property preview meeting all the requirements, these will vary from one property to another, but may include: a minimum amount of credit cards to show, showing a government-issued photo ID, taking all decision-makers of the household, etc.

3. Receive your Gift(s)

You will receive the gift(s) you were promised for attending, after completing your time commitment, whether you choose to buy or not at the property, in appreciation of your time.

This is a great way to recover your expenses from your travel.

Take the high-cost burden of travel off your shoulders

Allow us to help you recover your travel expenses, by viewing beautiful properties around the world, for you to consider vacationing to in the future.


Remember you are never obligated to purchase anything.  You are in control.  At the end of the time commitment, you can politely leave and thank them for showing you the property and program, collect your gift(s) that you were promised, and get back to enjoying your vacation. 

Five Diamond Club - Subscribe

We hope you consider attending as many property previews as you'd like on each vacation

We partner with properties all over the world.  Any time you go, whether it be Cancun, Orlando, Las Vegas, Branson, Los Cabos, Puerto Vallarta or any other destination, check with us and we can help you get the property preview appointments and offer you the best gift(s) possible!

You are never obligated to buy anything!

We do encourage you to look at our membership, that is NOT timeshare, you will love it and will not have any need to ever buy a timeshare, travel club membership or any other type of vacation program ever!