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Start earning a generous profit on all your hotel and resort reservations, an average of $1,000 profit for each vacation and $10,000+ profit on each luxury vacation through our net-pricing business model.  We pass on the pre-negotiated exclusive rates to you, so that you, the travel agent, can earn a significant profit on each reservation.


Recover your investment in just a few months.

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110% Price Match Guarantee*

*If you are offered a comparable platform, 

we will not only match but improve by 10% your travel partnership!

Access to our global inventory with millions of hotel and resort reservation options with net-pricing, passing on our pre-negotiated rates to you with no mark-ups or profits, an average of 65% lower than the retail rates so that you can make significant profits when reselling and still be below than your competitors, up to a multi-million dollar value every year
Referral Fees off all Five Diamond Club subscription sign up fees and monthly or annual service fees of clients you personally referred (1st level)
Overrides on 2nd level referrals off subscription sign-up fees and monthly or annual services
Referral Fees off all of The Five Diamond Club VIP Society members you personally referred (1st level)
Overrides on 2nd level referrals off The Five Diamond Club VIP Society members
Challenges to earn incentives & spiffs
Private Label Webpages
Orientation, Training & On-going support provided by our CEO & team
Complimentary Lifetime Lifestyle Subscription with over 100+ benefits for you and a secondary user, a $9,997 + $97/month Value
Complimentary Ultimate Luxury by Unlimited Vacations lifetime subscription with concierge service, unlimited complimentary ultimate luxury 2-to-4 bedroom estate, residence and private residence club stays (excluding taxes and fees) and complimentary flights to the AAA-Five-Diamond-Rated select resort destinations with the ability to gift or resell to others for an unlimited amount of times, a $99,997 + $197/month value
Complimentary Business Incentives Program, to be able to give away complimentary vacations (excluding taxes and fees), complimentary restaurant savings vouchers (excluding activation fees), and 50+ benefits & resources, a $1,997 annual value
Annual Bonus Complimentary 3- to 7-Night Vacation with 115+ destinations to choose from as a thank you for your loyalty of remaining as a lifetime partner, an up to $1,875 value (excludes taxes & fees)
Bonus Complimentary Restaurant Savings Voucher every time you personally refer a new subscriber
value each
value each
Commitment of minimum amount of new subscribers that you are expected to refer to Five Diamond Club to be able to enjoy your tax deduction benefits, an up to $10,000+ value (please consult with your CPA/accountant to be advised on all tax deductions you can submit to the IRS or your country's tax office) It is the responsibility of each person to report earnings, since you are not an employee of Five Diamond Club
per year
per year
Leave a legacy to your beneficiary(ies) and your future generations: willable, transferrable & sellable
Travel Agency or Business one-time sign-up fee
Travel Agent Portals
Unlimited Portals

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