The Five Diamond Club VIP

The Customized Gold Diamond
Society Experience

We will customize your experience to fulfill all your needs and desires.

The Customized Gold Diamond Society
Permanent Resident
Customize your own luxury living or travel VIP experience adding the features that you would like included to meet your and your family's needs and aspirations including but not limited to: business class, first class or private jet flights; Antarctica expeditions, Space Travel, FighterJet Experiences, G-Force Flights, Hot Air Balloon Experiences, Mansions & Residences, Submarine Hotels, Super Mega Luxury Yacht Experiences, Ice Igloos, and more!
Choose any of the benefits you see listed in the other VIP Diamond Societies or let your imagination and creativity roll, and add benefits that you would like, even if they are not listed
Whether it is for personal or business use, you may choose a permanent private resident option or choose the amount of weeks annually you would like included
Companies and Organizations have the option of belonging to The VIP Diamond Societies giving access to clients, executives or staff members

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