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The Five Diamond Club VIP Offers World-Class Personalized Service and Top Vacation Destinations Worldwide

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Live your
Inspirational Life

The Five Diamond Club VIP offers the most exclusive luxury-living lifestyle one can experience on Earth. 


A global community of world adventurers, each sharing a sense of wanderlust and a thirst of knowledge.  Each day you travel around the world with unmatched depth of exploration and return to the comfort of your very own home away from home.


Intimate curated tours and excursions await just outside your door.  Incredible expeditions and adventures, from remote destinations to celebrated cultural capital cities, create the remarkable memories few are fortunate to experience.  Every destination is brought to life with renowned experts for a profound immersion you won’t find anywhere else.  As a private permanent resident or VIP vacationer you select your itinerary and have access to Earth’s most exclusive locations.  At the end of each day, return to the comforts of your own private residence filled with your belongings, your books, your artwork, even your wine collection.  Host friends for an intimate in-residence meal freshly prepared by one of the world’s masterful chefs right in your private residence kitchen or enjoy wonderful gastronomic creations in one of the specialty diverse dining venues aboard your cruise, at your private residence club or luxury resort destination.


With The Five Diamond Club VIP your every need is tended to.  Your concierge team anticipates the specific preferences of each resident, every detail from innovative cuisine gourmet specialties to attentive housekeeping services to tailored wellness programs, each customized specifically for you.  Active lifestyles are equally valued on-board and off, from enriching learning opportunities with noble laureates to simply perfecting your golf, tennis or pickleball swing as a private resident of The Five Diamond Club VIP, you will be one of the privileged few who enjoy the highest standards of luxury living or luxury vacations and unprecedented breath of worldwide exploration and the unique camaraderie of a global community of adventure seekers.  It is a home away from home that offers a lifestyle unlike any other.  We guide you so that you can empower yourself to live the sublime lifestyle, you and your loved ones so much deserve by giving you access to a care-free, stress-free, worry-free ambiance.  This is The Five Diamond Club VIP.

Let us pamper you

Choose your favorite destinations and travel as many times as you’d like, or simply live permanently on vacation year-round.

Your personal concierge will take care of all of your travel arrangements.

By joining our Society, live worry-free, have all your accommodations reserved and ready for you with no additional fee.  You can access top private residences, resorts, cruises and luxury hotels around the world.

You will have the option of choosing the suite, villa, cabin or bungalow of your preference. 

Five Diamond Club - Reserve with Certificate
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Customize your
Luxury Experience

Live a care-free life by having your flights, car rentals or private limo transfers, entertainment or meals included.

Whether you like playing golf, going to the spa, exploring local attractions, scuba-diving around the most incredible coral reefs or going on a thrill ride at an amusement park, your VIP society may include all your entertainment desires.

Leave a Legacy to your Loved Ones

Imagine how you will be remembered when you leave the legacy and culture of this ultimate travel lifestyle living to your significant-other, children, grandchildren and all future generations.

Your heirs will be able enjoy the wonderful lifestyle and will cherish their travel moments you passed on to them.

You have the ability to transfer or sell your VIP membership at any time.

You also have the flexibility of allowing anyone to use your membership; family, friends, clients or colleagues.  Give the gift of travel to those you care for the most.

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How It Works

1. Schedule a
Private Consultation

Our executive team will assist you on customizing your best
VIP society options.

2. Discuss the
Pricing Options

Customize a pricing model that will fit your and your family’s
travel aspirations.

3. Contact your Concierge,
Pack your bags and enjoy!

You will be assigned a dedicated concierge to take care of all of your travel planning and arrangements.

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Cruise around the World

Whether you prefer to stay on land or set sail to the seven seas, exploring the exquisite destinations that are offered to you through the VIP society is an extraordinary experience.

Being able to enjoy your morning breakfast from your balcony with spectacular views to the Greek Isles or Alaskan glaciers, your cruise will be a memorable experience that you will cherish forever.

Enjoy Broadway-style shows in the Caribbean or simply cruise through the South Pacific.  Spend the night under the stars and view the northern lights.  Dance the night away through the Panama Canal and enjoy the Italian delights as you cruise the Mediterranean.

Experience The Ultimate Travel Lifestyle…

like never before

  • Select the best accommodations from over 32,000 resorts and 1 Million hotels worldwide to choose from
    • Include meals, beverages and activities
  • Private residence and estate vacations
  • Cruises
  • Adventure travel
  • Excursions
  • Entertainment
  • Flights
  • Car rentals
  • Limousine transfers
  • and much more
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Luxury Living Experience

  • Luxury resorts and cruises worldwide
    • Include meals, beverages, flights, car rentals or limousine transfers, activities & entertainment
  • Mansions, luxury yachts, private jets & exotic cars
    • Private chef, masseuse, housekeeper, concierge, butler, captain, tour guide, flight attendant, chauffer, bodyguard and fitness trainer 

Let us take care of you and your loved ones.
Live the ultimate travel VIP experience.

Invest ONCE, Indulge Forever