Learn more about Five Diamond Club

We recommend that you take the 

Behind-the-Scenes Tour with the series of short videos below.

Lifestyle Membership:  Total of 6 videos: 75 minutes

Luxury Lifestyle Membership: Total of 3 videos: 60 minutes

VIP Memberships: Total of 3 videos: 55 minutes

Business Memberships: Total of 3 videos: 45 minutes

Entire Presentation of all Memberships: Total of 9 videos: 115 minutes


Welcome and Company History

Part 1:  12 minutes


Stop being a victim of the Travel Industry: What you didn’t know about travel

Part 2:  27 minutes

 Lifetime Luxury Lifestyle 

Part 3B:  20 minutes

 Lifestyle: Resort Savings

Part 3C:  12 minutes


Lifestyle: Travel Savings

Part 4:  3 minutes


Lifestyle: Daily Savings

Part 5:  3 minutes


Join Now with Extra Gifts

Part 6:  16 minutes

Business Memberships

Part 3D:  5 minutes